Yes! This account wants rid of motors on the Embankment, as does @OpenEmbankment It's Halmos-led @UnblockA3211 that's the anti-cyclist account, expertly masquerading as a duff grassroots website thrown up by cabbies.

Who’s behind the bid to get London’s flagship bike lane ripped up, asks @mragilligan unblockembankm1 photo

Tony Halmos is the contact who has talked to journalists about the campaign. Director of the Commission on London and a Visiting Professor in the Policy Institute at King's College, London. Former director of public relations, Corporation of London.
unblockembankm1 photo
Mark Treasure @AsEasyAsRiding
@lastnotlost @paulgannonbike @unblockembankm1 Got a response to my FOI. Not sure whether these organisations are explicitly behind "Unblock the Embankment", or whether they just happened to attend at the same time. Perhaps they can confirm...