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One of the simplest ways of supporting the campaign is to become a follower of our Twitter feed. A huge number of followers isn’t everything, but having a wide social-media reach is seen by many as a measure of success.

This site was created to oppose an “Unblock the Embankment” campaign that aims for the removal of the Embankment cycleway. That campaign has far fewer followers than this one but, critically, it might have the ear of decision makers. Creating a social-media fuss is therefore worthwhile – it could possibly influence some influencers.

Yes! This account wants rid of motors on the Embankment, as does @OpenEmbankment It's Halmos-led @UnblockA3211 that's the anti-cyclist account, expertly masquerading as a duff grassroots website thrown up by cabbies.

Who’s behind the bid to get London’s flagship bike lane ripped up, asks @mragilligan unblockembankm1 photo

Tony Halmos is the contact who has talked to journalists about the campaign. Director of the Commission on London and a Visiting Professor in the Policy Institute at King's College, London. Former director of public relations, Corporation of London.
unblockembankm1 photo
Mark Treasure @AsEasyAsRiding
@lastnotlost @paulgannonbike @unblockembankm1 Got a response to my FOI. Not sure whether these organisations are explicitly behind "Unblock the Embankment", or whether they just happened to attend at the same time. Perhaps they can confirm...
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