Anti-cycleway leaflet pix show congestion caused by pre-cycleway cabbie protest

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The other “Unblock the Embankment” campaign – run by cabbies – wants to grub up the cycleway to make more space for motor vehicles, black cabs mainly, so they can chug along at 5mph but this time across multiple lanes, like the bad old days. The campaign has been handing out leaflets, using photographs of an Embankment rammed with motor vehicles going nowhere. The implication is that the gridlock-pix show the effects of the Embankment cycleway.

However, Twitter-sleuth @lastnotlost has tracked down the images used on the leaflet, and they turn out to be photographs from 2014, in other words before the installation of the Embankment cycleway. Furthermore the congestion was caused by cabbies blocking the road protesting against mini-cab drivers. Silly cabbies.

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