Unblock the Embankment!

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London is the world’s best city. To keep it that way we should widen the cycleway and reduce space for motor vehicles.

The Embankment is a uniquely important arterial road connecting East and Central London. But, thanks to excessive use of motor vehicles, congestion has long been a huge problem.

However, with space-efficient bicycles the Embankment runs smoothly. And emergency vehicles often use the Embankment cycleway to get past motor traffic.

That’s why we’re calling on the Mayor and TfL to step up and unblock the Embankment.

6 Replies to “Unblock the Embankment!”

  1. Superb! We really do need to get away from automatically thinking of cars as transport. Especially in cities, especially over shorter distances, bikes make far more sense – good for you, good for the environment.

  2. 4 cars (and maybe a 5th hidden behind the guy in the green shirt?) probably all single occupancy. In the same length of road, at least 10 (probably more) people on bikes, and capacity for more. Plus about as many people again on foot.

    Why is the majority of the space dedicated to the four people in their metal boxes?

  3. A really good idea, it could be extended to other roads and parts of London as well, so to stop the air- and noise pollution.

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