We are a group of citizens who rely on the Embankment for work, rest and play. It’s not much of a traffic artery if it’s constantly blocked by space-inefficient motor vehicles. Let’s get the Embankment moving by making more space for buses, bicycles and pedestrians!

See our Contact page for who’s behind this site. It’s not a secret, unlike whomever registered the secretive unblocktheembankment.co.uk (and who want to grub up the cycleway, the fiends.)

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Ride on!


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Kerb-protected cycleways offer protection from cars. Kerb-tested cycle helmets do not. https://t.co/VUyClQKyHF
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Carlton Reid @carltonreid
Volvo's 'World First' Bicycle-Helmet-Versus-Car Test Flags Helmet Safety Flaws. By me, in @forbes https://t.co/wuebLKIrDs https://t.co/70CSE3YLIj

Yes! This account wants rid of motors on the Embankment, as does @OpenEmbankment It's Halmos-led @UnblockA3211 that's the anti-cyclist account, expertly masquerading as a duff grassroots website thrown up by cabbies. https://t.co/0uw0PpxQ7K